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How to Replace a Basement Window

How to Replace a Basement Window

Amongst other important considerations when renting out a basement apartment, including knowing how to replace a basement window.

The windows in the basement act as the savior for people living in these apartments as it is the prime medium for maintaining the suitable room temperature.  An aging basement window or one not complying with protocols of the province is an open invitation for the problems to get in.  As a result, homeowners must ensure replacing the basement window to adhere to both legal and climatic aspects to provide a healthy lifestyle for the tenants.

But, wait are you one of those homeowners who still find themselves in a fix while planning to fix the issues with the basement window? Relax, because there is certainly a way out to let your tenants breathe in a less uncomfortable environment and save you from legal penalties too – Get it replaced or reinstalled.

How hard it is to replace basement windows?

Before analyzing the difficulty level of replacing the basement window it is important to understand the window type. Ideally, there are two major types of windows – the first ones with the steel bucks in place of window frames or another one secured with window frames in concrete walls. 

Though replacing both types of basement windows is easier and cheaper but the majority of the replacement is done for the concrete windows made of steel and aluminum with a window sash in between. Thus, the basement replacement process is nowhere hard and does not even cost much time and money.

Tools and types of equipment used for replacing basement window 

The process of replacing the basement window begins by collecting all the required tools at a place before initiating the world. It not just saves time but also provides a rough estimation of the total cost involved in the process. The most common equipment are thick gloves, pry bar, tape measure, utility knife, hammer, reciprocating saw, and cold chisel.

Besides, these are a spirit level, vacuum cleaner /broom, galvanized screws, and drill for concrete wall windows. Moreover, the list includes exterior caulk which is also known as a caulk gun, expansion foam, paintbrush, and primer for the later stage of replacement.

How to Replace a Basement Window?

Once we are ready with all the required tools and equipment then it’s time to put brings these tools to action and get the work done.  

Removing all old sash from the window: Begin by removing all the sash components from the window except the basic framework of aluminum and steel.  One shall also consider removing louvers or glass slats if any in the old window. 

Remove the damaged framework: The next step is to start attacking the concrete framework. This might not be an easy task but it is certainly possible.  Use the reciprocating saw with the metal–cutting blade and start making the deep cut on the bottom of the frame. As a result, with continuous attacking frame become and allows wedging a pry bar in between the window frame.

Measure the window for replacement:  Once both the window frame and rough opening are removed, it’s time to measure the window and understand how it fits the frame. The accuracy helps to avoid unrequited gaps and differences between the two

Modify and stick the window to the rough opening:  Now, it’s time to stick the window in the rough opening while ensuring that all dimensions are placed in the right way. Moreover, all the fits should be tight to avoid further problems. 

Secure with Screws and caulk the window:  Besides, sticking the window to the frame shall be secured by installing double-threaded concrete screws, These screws are to be placed at all sides, top, and bottom after removing all sashes from the window. Furthermore, make sure to caulk the inside gap between the window and the cement.

Caulk the window from outside: Use the spray foam to fill the gap from the outside. While using spry foam make sure to tear the strip of solid foam to get the tight insulated seal.  The utility knife can be used to remove this old caulk to ensure effective precision in work. 

Use the Primer for Window Frame: The metal frames are easily prone to rusting therefore, primer is used to protect the concrete window frame. A thin coat of primer using a paintbrush is enough at the first go. Once it dries the second coat can be done for better protection of the metal.

Additional Tips for Replacing Basement Windows

  • Before attempting to replace a window, find out if it is the entire window that requires replacement or just some part of it.   In most cases, the frame is not damaged so weather stripping can be used to cut out drafts, or merely glass can be fixed if it is broken or cracked.
  • While replacing the complete window make sure to cut a bevel into the ledge underneath to allow water to drain away easily. 
  • Most importantly, if the window is to be used as an emergency exit, particular rules regarding the same shall be followed. Thus, prepare the window sketch with correct dimensions and get it permitted before starting the work. 

Final Words

A properly built and furnished basement apartment is becoming an attractive dwelling option for the tenants.  As result homeowners focus on ensuring that every tit and bit in the basements are fixed and a healthy living place is created for the home seekers.

Moreover, in case tenants find themselves unsure about the legal aspects and compliances of the property, then it is better to let prominent house consultants like  come into the picture to get the right hunt without much hustle.

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