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How to Waterproof a Basement In Simple Ways

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It is important for a homeowner that plans to rent out their basement apartment to know how to waterproof a basement.

Generally, at first, go human mind perceives basements as dusky, dull, and dirty living places, but the case is no longer the same. Especially in the progressive country like Canada Basements are observed as the second dwelling units which adhere to rules and regulations of the provinces.

One of the key elements of the healthy basement-dwelling unit is ensuring that basements do not allow stagnant water or seeping through the surface. The problem might sound too little to pay attention to, but its impacts are huge. Thus, before renting the basement owners shall waterproof the complete basement area.

Reasons for Wet Basement Floor

Waterproofing a basement is indeed a very important task because most of the basements are below ground level and are prone to excessive moisture but what are the reasons to end up having a wet basement that often? Is it a human fault or a natural property of the land? Well, it can be both or either of them. So, before we discuss a solution let’s understand the problem because until then no solution turns out to be the long-lasting one.

One of the major reasons is the crack in the house’s foundation which allows water to seep through the basement floor and walls. Besides these, the other paths for water seepage are basement doors, windows, and wells. Furthermore, the improper drainage system with clogged gutters or slops around the home also contributes immensely to the water accumulation in the basement.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

The interior basement waterproofing is majorly about fixing the cracks in the floor and the walls. At times, it also includes fixing the water streaks arising because of around pipes and windows. Before starting the waterproofing process, it is must to investigate the cause quite thoroughly, and then the following steps can be followed.

Make sure to clean the area that needs waterproofing which means any existing coating on the wall, floor or surface shall be removed. Also, consider removing the old paint with the help of a sandblaster, wire brush, or by contacting the paint centers for the right advice. Additionally, the dirt and dust from the walls, floor, windows, or any other part in that respect shall be washed. After the complete washing let the area dry off.

Now begin by plugging the holes using hydraulic cement as it is useful in sealing the cracks and holes. As a result, avoid water from flowing through the surface. The trowel can also be used to smoothen the cement before it dries off and set. After holes are successfully plugged, now the cracks shall be filled with the help of masonry crack filler.

The next essential step is to seal the openings with the help of caulk, elastic sealant, or a combination of both. Followed by strong sealing make sure to use a waterproof coat on the basement surface. Use the concrete sealer with the help of a nylon bristle brush to ensure that it effectively works on all the pores of masonry. Ideally, a minimum of two coats is required to ensure proper coverage.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing the exterior of the house generally requires hiring a landscape architect or contractor if the cracks and deficiencies are too serious to be dealt with on their own. Yet some fundamentals need to be taken care of to avoid groundwater pooling.

Avoid planting flowers and bushes requiring watering in close congestion to the house.

If the walkway and patios are sloped towards the house it may lead to water pooling. Thus, to avoid the same, ensure re-leveling the slabs and drain away water from the basement.

Do not forget to clean all the gutters and ensure their proper flow to avoid standing water in the basement.

Most importantly, add a sump pump waterproofing system to the basement to mitigate inevitable rainstorms and floods.

In ideal cases, waterproofing shall be the first and the foremost step before renting the basement, yet many property owners fail to do so and skip the home inspection. Thus, it is the responsibility of the tenants to look for legal and thoroughly inspected properties for ensuring a happy dwelling. The ones with no reference links and clues to begin property search can certainly check legal basement properties at and get the desired dwelling units at great convenience.

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