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Wherever you are in life and Whatever you’re doing. Home is a feeling that everyone should own. Rent Basements will help families, students, travelers who are looking for a place to call home.


Our one common goal is to create a new chapter in renting basements at affordable prices

Rental Calculator

No more guessing the price for your desired form of property. Get the smart hands on our rental calculator and chase accuracy. This rental calculator provides a real-time price quotation considering your major requirements. Furthermore, the basic requirements that our technology considers are Monthly Rent, Number of Months, Initial Payment, and Total Term payment. Once you complete filling these required fields with your expectations, our smart calculator gets on the job and as a result, gets your budget planned in a simplified format. With our varied list of properties, we are able to meet your expectations in a short while. So, why not make the required use of this feature and derive excellence with ease.

Rent Basement - Rental Calculator
Rent Basement - Advanced Research Option

Advanced Research

Anything that you think of, get it just in the blink of an eye. Yes, with our advanced research you get the opportunity to get the preferred location, property type, price range, lot size, appliances, entrances and knowledge regarding all available appliances. We believe more informed you are, better the decision becomes. As a result, you land up getting the right accommodation for yourself. Thus, use our smart search criteria and find out what is exactly meant for you. Our drop-down menus contain all available choices that one needs to consider while making the valuable accommodation choice. So, make the right choice with all the details upfront on your screen.

Compare Feature

Are you unsure whether or not you have made the right choice? Relax, we have a solution. With our compare feature, get the true analyses considering two similar properties. You can compare the property type, location, available bath, beds, walkout basement, entrances, and other additional features. The comparison between the properties allows you to create a true picture of what is desired and what is being delivered. We are largely focused on providing satisfaction to our clients and this feature is a result of one such belief of Rent Basements. So, come, compare and create your desired accommodation choice with this transparent approach.

Rent Basements - Compare Feature
Member Portal - RentBasements

Member Portal

If you are eagerly looking for the right people to share or rent your property then let’s not wait longer. Get registered on our verified portal and add value to your property. We only consider verified users to access our facilities, be it property owners or ones looking for accommodation. Our member portal is the right place with expanded reach to list your property and derive better value out of it. Here, renters and landlords can post their requests for renting basements. There are minimal charges for the landlords while they list their property with us but for the renters, this service is completely free of cost. So, begin by signing up and get the right tenants and renters for your property.

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