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Walkout Basements- Types, Cost and Plans

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Basement Apartments! Does this bring a pre-determined image of some dark, dusky, congested, and suffocating place? The answer might not be the same for all, but for the ones who nodded YES to this question, believe you have landed your search craft at the right place.  Walkout Basements, yes these basements are the happy living space with all essential and healthy living structures and amenities that nowhere feels dark and dull.

Rather it illuminates your lifestyle and enhances your second dwelling experience especially while being in collaboration with the team of Rent Basements. So, let’s find out what exactly this Walkout Basement is.

What is a Walkout Basement?

As the name suggests above ground basements are the basements with independent entry and exit with the ease to walk out of on the ground level. This is a self-sustained space with separate doors and windows on the ground level. Thus, this permanent entry space acts as the concrete foundation of the main house and is often known as an above ground basement.

Ideally, the homes with Walkout Basement have a slope to the rear of the property with a covered roof and open access to the backyard. With several beneficial characteristics in place, apartments with Walkout Basements are growing into livable trends not just in Toronto but across the entire globe.

  • The walkout or above ground basement is built on a grade where the back of the lot is slightly lower than the front.
  • Walk-out basement apartments are designed with more natural lighting into space with the additional basic amenities fulfilled.
  • Though having a walkout space may add to the construction cost, but it is worth each penny, as it adds better value to the property. 
  • Ideally, walk-out basements can be built on any form of the lot, but it is best suited for the sloping lots. 

The growing success and the adoption of the Walkout Basements as a living place owes a lot to the professionals, yes professionals like” Rent Basements “helps to add immense value to their lives. 

Types of Walkout Basement Apartments

Though the concept and architecture of the Walkout Basement are quite crisp and clear so it does not hold much categorization. Yet its two prominent types are based on their design. In the first form of above ground basements, a compact-full-sized entrance with a stairway opening is observed. 

Additionally, the special protective cover placed in an inclined way ensures suitable dryness (no much moisture). The temperature of the living space remains stable with the tight entrance doors, which provides safety as well. What cannot be ignored here is the width  / size of the entrance way for a some walkout basements. 

This, however, is not our prime focus, we, at “Rent Basements” often consider full entrance opening with the door leading to the basement and certainly a wider staircase perpendicular to the wall of the house. Thus, these second types of above ground basements are comparatively much comfortable.  

Why choose Walkout Basement Apartments to live in, as your home in Toronto?

 The Walkout Basement for rent in Toronto gives us several reasons to believe that this choice of living space is absolutely worth it. So, why not talk about a few of them. 

  • Emergency Exits: The safe and secure living space can be created with the emergency exits. These emergency exits of the Walkout Basements play a crucial role in case of fire or any other such emergencies.
  • Increased Privacy:  Houses with Walkout Basement Apartments allow the homeowner and the tenants to equally enjoy privacy. This separate portion with easy walking out allows it to be the best-suited business areas, studio, home office, or anything else of your choice. The HVAC system installed in the space allows better access to the utilities across the house.
  • Addition to the value of the house: Having a Walkout Basement for rent in Toronto serves as an additional feature of the main house. No doubt, a Walkout Basement is a long-term investment for the homeowners and adds better value to their property. Additionally, these Walkout Basement apartment are a justifiable living place for the tenants.
  • Brighter living space: Spacious and wide windows and glass doors allow the natural light to come in which is an essential feature to maintain the stable room temperature. Additionally, in the case of a dark place where normal doors and windows are not even to get the light in, the glass doors and windows can be preferred too.

Walkout Basement Cost 

The Walkout Basement house plans in Toronto is undoubtedly the great choice to go by as it fulfills the majority of the requirements that one expects from their dwelling units. But what cannot be ignored is that it involves cost. This Walkout Basement cost depends on the design outlay of the basement and the type of additions and alterations it requires.

But what affects this structural cost is the major point of consideration which somewhere defines the rental cost for the tenants too. 

  • Excavation
  • Square foot area
  • Furnished or semi-furnished 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Masonry 
  • Installation cost 
  • Cost of the legal permit, et cetera

Generally, starting cost of a Walkout Basement for rent in Toronto can range between: $ 2,000 to $2,500 monthly; depending on size and number of rooms / occupants and amenities. But are you amongst those seeking specific rental rates? Then, you must make the best use of our rental calculator feature which gives you a clear depiction of the rates considering all the related factors. 

Things To Consider Before Walkout Basement House Plans

Though the “Rent Basement” does its homework well and finds the best suites for you, it is always advisable to consider the following points before you finalize one.

  • One can start by considering the lot with a gradual slope extending from front to back and side to side as well.
  • The 7′ to 8′ drop in elevation with 35′ to 65′ in-depth and width is the ideal dimension for the basement living space. As it allows the installation of suitable drainage that keeps the water away from the house.
  • Wide  space shall allow natural light to get in, through doors, windows, et cetera. The absence of sufficient natural sunlight may lead to several health ailments. Additionally, it will eliminate the unnecessary power cost too.
  • Find out if the site adheres to all required permits and regulations, but that won’t be the case if you consult a housing consultant like Rent Basements. We can say so because we only list legally permitted sites on our portal for your better convenience.  


Walkout Basement Apartments are touching new heights with sincere adherence to all the basics. The Walkout Basement for rent Toronto is becoming the favorite choice of many seeking second dwelling units.  So, we ensure that with the right contact, we get the right person for you with the right amenities in hand.

So get registered now with your requirements and our team will make your journey a convenient one. 


What is the difference between a Walkout Basement Apartments and a Daylight Basement Apartment?

Very often a Walkout Basement Apartment is confused with Daylight Basement Apartments. But there lies one significant difference between the two. The Walkout Basements have access to the separate door but the daylight basement shares the same entrance with the main portion of the house. 

Do Walkout Basements flood?

It would not be wrong to say that Walkout Basements flood, but a professionally designed and built basement has lower chances to flood. 

Do Walkout Basements need a sump pump?

The requirement of the Sump-Pump completely depends on the site of the Walkout Basement. Though in Ontario, the Walkout Basement floor drain is connected to the storm drainage system but if in case the walkout landing is located on a higher magnitude then it can be connected to the weeping tile. Despite this, for complete fixation of the problem, in most cases, the Walkout Basements use a sump pump to drain the storm-water. So you should come with the best walkout basement floor plans.

Does the Walkout Basement add property value?

Yes, inarguably it does add value to the property. Though it certainly fetches tax liability its higher ROI makes it all worthwhile.

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