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Best Flooring Option for Basement Apartments

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While planning the basement remodeling it becomes essential to focus precisely on the right flooring options. We understand choosing the right flooring to install in the basement apartment can be a little difficult with so many available options. Though there are various factors to be kept in mind while planning basement floor renovation. Primarily, the concern is to fight moisture and make basements a comfortable living place with comfy, warm, and durable flooring options.

Best Flooring Option for Basement Apartments

Sheet Vinyl Basement Flooring

These types of flooring are also known as resilient flooring as are considered as an ideal basement flooring choice. It comes in sheet, tile, or plank form and creates a water-resistant surface. This method requires a clean surface for strong adhesion and expert consultation too. It is quite inexpensive and is warmer than ceramic tiles and concrete.

Engineered Wood Basement Flooring

Wood is an organic material yet it does not fit well in the range of basement flooring options. But the results with engineered wood flooring are altogether different, it is dimensionally more stable due to its cross-hatched plywood base. As a result, it is potent to maintain its shape in a mild amount of moisture. Though it expensive flooring option but it is worth it because of its sound absorption qualities.

Porcelain/ Ceramic Tile Basement Flooring

Generally, this flooring method qualifies as the finished surface (not raw)). It is installed directly on the concrete slab without the need for any additional treatment. Even during heavy flooding ceramic tile flooring remain undamaged and dries out quickly. Since concrete keeps the room cool, therefore all that is required is additional radiant heating to keep the basement warm.

Cork Basement Flooring

It is a natural product that allows people to experience soft underfoot, comfort, and majorly warmth while living in the basement. Though it is considered a good fit for below-grade areas being an organic product is subjected to water damage. So, ensure installing it with concrete sub-flooring to create sound absorption mechanism and good insulation against low basement temperatures.

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Undoubtedly, wall–to–wall carpeting is the least preferred basement flooring alternative as it develops mild dew and mold over time and dries slowly. But can carpeting be somehow made to work for basements? Yes, it can be, only if the place is not prone to extreme flooding. Wall–to–wall carpeting can be a good choice if installed with solid in a case–by–case manner. Though this is a fairly expensive deal yet it is one of the warmest basement flooring options. As a result, does not require any extra radiant heating system.

Basement Luxury Vinyl Plank

It is a modern and luxurious flooring alternative that is fixed with adhesive to the subfloor. Luxury Vinyl is placed piece-to-piece in the floating floor fashion. This flooring option is relatively higher and does not have any better resale value yet its warmth is what makes it the choice of basement owners. Moreover, these are remarkably similar to materials like wood or stone. The luxury vinyl with a wooden look is relatively thicker than stone-look – luxury vinyl.

Laminate Basement Flooring

This flooring option is certainly attractive because of its improved graphics and thicker base for deeper embossing. The laminate flooring is susceptible to moisture issues and creates the need for frequent replacements. To make it worthwhile it is better to install it with a proper subfloor system as it helps to protect the basement layer against water vapor that might come up from the concrete slab.

Another profound yet rate flooring option is waterproof laminate which does not usually swell and distend. Thus, the foam underlayment of laminate flooring is best to keep the basement warmer and let people experience sound absorption quality.

Concrete Basement Flooring

Concrete flooring is the widely accepted flooring option owing to its various utilitarian surfaces. It can be painted and stained to create various appearances and cover up the patches. Honestly, it is the most moisture-handy flooring option for the basement and requires the least amount of materials too. But what shouldn’t be ignored is that it is a poor heat conductor and requires more labor hours to create long-lasting basement floors.

Rubber Basement Flooring

We might often see rubber flooring in gyms, garages, martial art centers, pools, or dance studios, but rubber flooring can be one of the flooring options for basements too. If the basement is more of a play and recreational space than a formal living place, then rubber flooring can do wonders. These provide maximum insulation against the basement’s cold temperature and are also an apt choice to stand up effectively against moisture.


Since every basement flooring alternatives come with some flaws and fair sides, therefore it ultimately depends on the people as to what is their priority. Some might look for warmth, others for sound absorption or /and cost-efficiency. Thus, finalizing and finishing the basement flooring is a task requiring immense professional consultation and guidance.

Especially, in a country like Canada, the growing acceptance of basements as a second dwelling unit make it important to adhere to legal norms. Therefore, ensure reaching out to your Basement experts in Canada at

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