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Converting Basement into Legal Apartment in Toronto

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It’s a good idea to convert a basement into a rental apartment or unit since it is a better way of getting extra income and increasing the value of the property. It must be known that converting a basement into legal in Toronto comes with certain requirements which are expected to be adhered to strictly. Also, as good as the basement apartment is, care must be taken to avoid any pitfall.

In Toronto, it is a custom of the real estate agents never to list a house as the one having a legal basement apartment since they do not really know whether the basement apartment is done in accordance with all the applicable fire codes, building codes, electrical safety authority regulation and zoning with housing standard by-laws.

Illegal basement legal apartment in Toronto has been known to be risky not only for the occupants of the apartment but also to others living in the structure as well as the community in general.

Therefore, it is mandatory for every occupant or any homeowner to adhere strictly to the requirements for converting a basement into legal in Toronto since they may pose a very dangerous fire risk on the occupants, the community as well as their safety concerns to the environment.

Few Of The Basic Requirements For Converting A Basement Into Legal In Toronto Include:

  1. The detached house or semi-detached house must be a minimum of 5 years old.
  2. The front of the house must not be altered to cause a change in its appearance from that of one unit building.
  3. It must be smaller than the main unit.
  4. A bathroom must have a window or a fan.
  5. The property owner must ensure that the smoke alarm is accurately installed, maintained, and keep in regular order.

The above are some of the basic requirements expected from a property owner before any conversion basement can be done.

From the above-listed requirements, the estate agents don’t always list any property as a legal basement apartment to avoid any future problem in the process since they do not know whether the basement apartment is done following the set-out standard or not.

With all these aforementioned in mind, it will be of better benefit to know if you can convert your basement or if your existing converted basement is converted legally.

To Convert Basement Into Legal Apartment:

  1. For someone who needs a property with the mind of converting the basement legally into a decent rental unit, it is very mandatory to seek out properties having basement conversions and not cellars.

Getting a converted basement is not as important as ensuring everything is in order. For instance, you must ensure that the converted basement has its own designed exit or you can newly construct an exit for yourself in the converted basement.

Doing this may be burdensome, and you may need to hire a permit expediter to have a deep and professional look in the property you are interested in. They offer their services at a reasonable fee and can guide you on what to do and what not to do with the property before you make a purchase or pay for the property.

  1. When you know that your basement can be converted legally into a rental unit, it will result into a huge benefit for you if you start planning and thinking about drawing up plans. To do this, you need to consult or hire a professional architect to handle this job and ensure that the standard body approves the building plan. Although, you can still work with a permit expediter to get the plan of the basement drafted. Either an architect or a permit expediter is suitable to handle your basement plan design. In fact, in most cases, these professionals will link you up with a professional architect who can easily draw up your basement plan within codes for prompt approval.
  2. Once your basement plan is drawn, either by an architect or a permit expediter, you need to ensure that your plan and design meet up with the essential requirement for basement conversion in Toronto before taking it for approval.

You can consult your permit expediter or architect to get this done as soon as possible. Their services are always much faster than you can think.

  1. Once the plan and the design meet the basic requirement, the design will be approved by the constituted authorities. The next step is to have a licensed contractor and plumber handle your basement conversion. When you have a reliable permit expediter, he will always help you or refer you to a reliable licensed plumber for the job. Everyone wants a reliable contractor that works above the minimum building code in your area and a trusted plumber that properly opens and closes all jobs professionally.
  2. You may own a building with a converted basement and receive violation letters for an illegal conversion before you bought the property. This is a usual occurrence most especially in vintage homes having basement conversion. When you have the right information and understanding, the entire basic requirement for converting a basement in Toronto legally, basement conversion becomes easy.
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