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Home Inspector – Qualities, Duties & Hiring

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Home is seen as a long-term investment while buying and a prominent source of income while renting. So, this financial asset needs to be complying with all the prevalent rules and regulations of the respective province/ state/ country. One such important evaluating system is a home inspection where the inspector ensures proper implementation of all the laws and indicates the need for replacement and repairment if any.

Since laws vary depending on the property type, therefore, is essential to hire a professional home inspector with sound knowledge of such rules.

Qualities of Home Inspector

Besides professional certification and training home inspectors are expected to hold essential qualities to deliver supremacy in their work.

  • Ability to be a prompt decision-maker.
  • Punctuality
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Good networking skills
  • Attention to each detail.
  • Working Knowledge of Residential Properties.

What does a Home Inspector do?

The duty of the home inspector includes complete monitoring of the quality of material used, inspecting, and highlighting the scope for improvement. Based on thorough research, the inspector prepares a report and that serves as the evaluated identity of the property.

  1. Thoroughly utilizing Maps and GPS markers as and when required.
  2. Supervising the HVAC technicians for commercial chiller rebuilding and ensuring dorm room facility.
  3. Consider adherence to Building code, Electricity, and Fire Safety norms.
  4. Inspecting the water installation and waste management system.
  5. Focusing on NDE Inspection for gas & steam turbine and other generator components.
  6. Inspecting the required dimensions of doors, windows, floor, ceiling, entrance, exits, etc, especially in the rental basement of the property.

What to consider while hiring Home Inspector?

Besides constructing and maintaining a property there lays an additional task for the property owners to do hiring a Home Inspector. It is considered a crucial job because this is what defines the suitability and fitness of your asset, so make sure to choose wisely.

Consider the well-trained and experienced Inspector: In Canada, inspector licensing like British Columbia and Alberta are the prominent jurisdictions. Similarly, the jurisdictions vary for each country and province making it more necessary to find the inspector with a rigorous training regime and sound in-field knowledge.

A field specialist: Every corner of the house is made immense specialization by the expert constructors. Thus, a field specialist shall be required to evaluate the specific portion of the house. Let’s say if an owner aims to get his wood-burning system he shall look for a WET certified expert rather than looking for an electrical expert.

Check membership: Besides professional training, experience and specialization try and find out if the person is a member of some professional association like InterNACHI. This serves as an added advantage to pick the right inspector.

Enquire about any value-added services: Besides, the home evaluation based on inspection, there are several other services the home inspector may offer. This includes property warranty, client protection program, concessional charges, et cetera.

Thus, if you still face some confusion and problems while considering home inspection, reach out to our team at and get a clearer picture created.

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