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Affordable Student Housing

Find affordable student housing and rental accommodations today on With the growing educational opportunities for international students in Canada, there has been a significant rise in the demand for student acommodation.

Generally, Canadian colleges and universities facilitate on-campus accommodations for students, but not all students want to live in Residence. Most of the students look for a home away from their home and sometimes find it difficult to get the accommodation of their choice. Some students want to live in off-campus housing. This is where comes in to bridge the gap.

Off-campus Accommodation For Student In Canada

Off-campus student accommodation can include housing options, such as a rented house, apartment, or room. All of these listed options usually come equipped with a kitchen, toilet, bathroom, main sitting area of the living room.

Homestays allow students to experience a seemingly familiar like-home environment. Oftentimes, students like to immerse themselves into the local culture of the community where they choose to live. Generally, students are required to sign a lease agreement or rental contract, which includes or requires a security deposit, along with first and last month rent, in most cases.

Though living in Residence in on-campus housing, at a Canadian university, may seem to have fewer financial obligations, first and last months’ rent, is usually a standard requirement.

Renting an entire apartment may be too great a feat for a student choosing to live away from home for the first time. To deal with this predicament, students prefer to live in shared accommodations, in which they can divide the cost of the rental accommodation, with other students.

Shared accommodation, in a shared apartment, shared house, or shared loft may be too much responsibility for some students. That is why we decided to create the right interface to provide great ease, coupled with greater convenience for find a Basement apartment for rent. We provide a premium online interface of Basements for Rent, on

Here, on this online rental platform, students can easily find affordable accommodations, at their desired location, within their chosen city of residence, in Canada. Specific search options for the desired amenities are a main feature of

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Cost of Student Off-Campus Accommodation in Canada

Ideally, the cost of shared accommodation varies, between $250 to $ 7O0 CDN monthly. Whereas to rent a separate suite or apartment, the cost may run from $ 500 to  $1500 CDN monthly. Generally, this is a cost of living, which does not include overhead fees, relating to food, cleaning costs, furniture, and incidentals, which may vary, from person to person.

Moreover, if you aim to look for more affordable and accessible accommodation, then it is necessary to conduct a comparative study of similar properties.  The fully-featured online rental portal of  RentBasements helps Renters to find the right space to live, at the best price.

Renters can greatly benefit from full use of our Rental calculator. On Renters can easily filter the search for their basement rentals,  in Toronto or New York, to find the best basement for rent; based on their housing budget.

Why Do Students Prefer to Rent Off-Campus Accommodations?

Around 60-70 % of students prefer living in off-campus housing,  due to the perceived perks it offered. Housing experts have observed that the cost of living off-campus is lower than the cost to rent accommodation on-campus. Most importantly, rental costs and groceries, and incidental costs can be customized, according to one’s spending choices and budget.

Students also get a variety of options to choose from, including; shared or solely rented accommodation, an apartment for rent, a basement apartment, or a room in a house or rented room, in a condominium or apartment. It is important to note that off-campus housing options, provide students with great comfort and privacy, while still providing them with standard basic amenities.

Knowing that their housing is safe and stable, students can concentrate fully on their academic studies, effectively manage their time for chores, and look for part-time jobs too!  Additionally, what cannot be underestimated here is the exposure and experience that students receive, by living off-campus, in a fully independent environment.

College and University students get a complete opportunity to familiarize themselves with the local culture and community lifestyle. This leads social immersion leads to complete holistic development of the student’s mind and body. Being independent and self-sufficient adults helps students to ‘move beyond their comfort zone’.

Issues To Consider When Choosing A Place to Live

Oftentimes, College and University students search for housing accommodations, in the central or midtown area of major cities.  But, idealistic students, having little experience in real estate matters can easily ‘fall into the trap’ set by property owners renting out unregistered basement apartments for rent Toronto or secondary suites.

A licensed property with a registered secondary suite must comply with regulations set out by the City and Province and must thereby provide standard amenities and offer a safe and clean housing environment to Renters or tenants.

Therefore, to avoid negative rental experiences, it is best to find legitimate landlords on  Students should also pay much great attention to key factors of consideration, before finalizing the rental agreement for their housing accommodation.

  • While choosing off-campus accommodations, it is best to consider the distance of about the chosen residence, in relation to the respective College or
  • It is preferable to find part-time work that is nearby one’s residence. This ensures an easy and fast commute to and from work, which leaves one more time to study.
  • Ensure that the chosen rental unit shall have easy and safe access, to reliable public transportation, as well as easy to access entry for private transportation services, such as taxis.  This feature saves time, money, and hassle when trying to get to and from places, in the surrounding area.
  • Get complete information regarding the rental property.
  • Find out if it is partly furnished, semi-furnished, or fully furnished. This level of scrutiny is useful to estimate the overall rental cost, more accurately.  If a renter needs to furnish accommodation, then they should factor that cost into their rental fee.
  • College and University students that want to find and secure the best and most easily accessible accommodations should start searching for housing options and directly visiting rental units for onsite visits at, the earliest date possible, which is somewhere between late May to early June, to ensure housing accommodations, to commence, in August and September for the upcoming academic year.
  • Beware of scans Do not fall trap to any fake Ads, posted by fraudsters, that just want to steal your ID and money. Make sure to inquire thoroughly about all terms, before signing the rental contract and prior to paying any form of monetary deposit. It is preferable to request a copy of the rental agreement from a prospective landlord and have it reviewed by a Real Estate Lawyer or Paralegal.

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How Can Students Find the Right Accommodation to Suit their Budget?

There are various alternatives for students to find housing accommodations that best suit their needs and budget.  Students with some relatives or friends, located nearby their school, may prefer to share accommodations with family or friends, as a first priority. If this option fails, only then will these student Renters begin searching for independent housing accommodation.

Other student renters will either initially opt for the on-campus housing facility, in Residence, or pre-book the off-campus housing accommodations. The important question here, is how to best look for off-campus accommodations, in a completely new country?

The answer to this prospective renter’s query is a specifically designed online rental portal,  such as, which offers great search features for comparing rental units, searches by specifically chosen amenities, rental calculator, and virtual tour of rental properties, using a 3D and 360 walkthrough tour option.

Yes, if you are looking for student accommodation in Canada, then early utilization of our powerful and sleek online rental portal will make your rental journey easier, faster, and more productive. You will feel like you won the Renter’s jackpot. We exclusively feature legitimate property owners, as landlords to post on our website.

Start your rental search today. Begin by comparing rental properties: side by side, along with amenities, size, geographical location, and price.  Know how much money to bring to seal the deal on your desired rental. Use our rental calculator for free, now!

Renter’s Frequently Asked Questions

For Student Accommodation Canada is a Safe Destination Country for International Students?

Yes, Canada has been regarded as the safest country for international students to visit. This country has low crime rates and minimal rates of racial discrimination. As well, Canadian post-secondary schools offer top-quality education, at affordable prices.

What are the most popular types of student accommodation in Canada?

Generally, there are three types of popular accommodations for students. These include homestay, university accommodation in Residence, and private accommodation, off-campus. The cost for each type of accommodation varies significantly, based on specific area or region and certainly based on size and housing type.

Which are the most expensive Canadian cities to live in for student renters?

The major cities of Vancouver and Toronto are considered to have significantly more expensive housing accommodations for students; owing to the shortage of living places there, especially nearby College and University campuses. And student accommodation Toronto is the recommended and affordable one

Best Housing Options for Students

In the initial days of their College and University studies, students prefer to stay on-campus, in dormitory residence, because this housing option helps to them to easily make new friends and quickly get acquainted with the new environment, at College or University. Whereas, more established students prefer off-campus housing accommodations, in order to develop a broader understanding of the local culture, in which they hope to enjoy greater freedom to grow into cultured adults.

If you are really looking for affordable student accommodation, then start your search at:

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